• PowerPoint (PPT) will be supported.  If you wish to use another program such as Prezi or Keynote, or will be bringing a Mac, please advise Brittany as soon as possible so the information can be passed on to the Audio Visual Technician.
  • Presentation slides should be in the wide screen format of 16:9. You will be required to upload your presentation with the AV Technician at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled talk in the speaker preparation room which is located behind the Registration Desk. When you arrive at the venue please check the opening times of the speaker preparation room as it will only be open for a limited time each day.
  • Should you be happy for your PowerPoint to be converted to PDF and shared with delegates post symposium, you must complete the Consent to Publish Online Form.  If you need to remove sensitive information before your presentation can be published, we are more than happy to receive a revised copy post-symposium.

A copy of the program can be viewed here. Due to late withdrawals it is possible that the program may change slightly, we will try to limit changes to an absolute minimum, please double check your allocated time.