Dr Nikki Jamieson

Dr Nikki Jamieson is a suicidologist, author, social worker and researcher exploring moral injury and veteran suicide in Australia following the suicide death of her son Daniel in 2014, whilst he was in the Army.

Her interest in the area spans across a decade and she has published widely on both moral injury and suicide, and the relationship between them. Nikki has also delivered keynote/workshops nationally and internationally and has worked strategically across a range of government areas in suicide prevention including work on the development and implementation of Queensland’s Suicide Prevention Plan and Defence’s Suicide Prevention Plan. Nikki remains actively involved in suicide prevention advocacy and policy, holding a variety of memberships nationally, internationally, and locally.

Nikki continues to shape future directions in suicide prevention, including making significant contributions to the Royal Commission for Defence and Veteran Suicide and is currently a specialist advisor for suicide in Defence.

Nikki’s hope is that her work will help to positively influence Defence and veteran mental health and wellbeing for the future, and to ultimately save at least one family from living with suicide bereavement.